Discovering Matías

From the book to the game

“Discovering Matías” is a coaching book both for parents and children by the coach and writer Claudia Bruna.

It is a training guide to generate new habits in the relationship with the kids. Through the wide range of exercises, parents put in practice different skills and coaching tool to connect with the children and discover their talents.

The challenge consisted maximize the potential of the tools beyond the book, to create coaching elements that could be used both by parents and kids. Thus, creating joint reflection spaces greater than just reading.

A series of collaborative workshops were developed to expand the vision and the limits of the concept, going deeper into the contents and the potential of the book.

As a solution, Drop developed several games concepts based on the contents as well as the channel and positioning strategy.

In a close collaboration and thanks to a co-creation process with the writer, concepts and prototypes were developed to validate both with end users and relevant stakeholders.