From the lab to the market

We collaborated in the strategic definition and detection of opportunity areas for a new robots category

R1  is the new robot of the IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) ecosystem, conceived to initially operate in professional contexts and progressively into domestic environments, interacting intuitively and empathically with people.

Drop collaborated in the strategic definition and opportunity areas detection for the new robots category of IIT. Afterwards, Drop conceptualized and designed the robot R1.

Initially there was an immersion in the problematic, to understand the technology and the technical requirements. Also a deep market, trend and user research was conducted to identify opportunity areas.

From strategy to product design, we engage in the whole definition of the R1 robots platform.

The project was developed in deep collaboration with a team of 22 researchers and technicians from IIT located in Genoa and with a team of experts in entertainment and illustration from 6.14 located in Milano.

One of the main characteristics of the R1 is its own and differential image and interaction model, inspired in the human being and in futuristic solutions. This combination allow generating empathy and at the same time solve the needs of multiple users in different contexts of use.