Digital Health Academy

In-depth research for the health field

Mobile World Capital Barcelona, within its program for digital transformation of the society has counted on Drop for the project “Digital Health Academy”.
The project was centered in opportunities’ identification and specification, for education in digital technologies in the health sector.

We have designed and executed an ethnographic research to understand in depth all stakeholders’ needs, frustrations and aspirations: through visits to 12 hospitals and primary care centers, using contextual inquiry and focus groups, we have interviewed more than 60 doctors, nurses and hospital directors. At a quantitative level, an international survey was conducted that have received more than 1500 responses.

We developed the concept for a training platform for digital health technologies, its value proposition and its business model

Based on the results of research, different opportunity areas were identified and several concepts were developed, with its corresponding value proposition and business models.
The solution was oriented to the creation of a platform for education in digital technologies, with diverse monetization streams, for healthcare professionals.



International survey in six languages distributed through key stekeholders in the heathcare system


In depth interviews

Medical professionals interviewed in focus group sessions.

Medical Centers

Ethnographic research

Hospitals and primary care centers visited for deep diving and immersion