From technology to market

Technology is not enough: strategic definition is fundamental, as well as product conceptualization and design, and the right business model for each sector.

As in many technology based startups, their focus and effort is centered in technology and product, but not so much in strategy, market, business model and user experience.
RHT Cold had a patented formula for a cold gel technology with very powerful and differential properties. But product definition and materialization was not yet solved.

Through our network of technology partners we defined the industrialization and manufacturing process for the whole product range.

From Drop, we helped RHT Cold in their strategic definition, to explore and expand their technology to its full potential, identify business opportunities, define the value proposition for each different sector, structure the offering and its business model.

Based on the defined strategy, we conceptualized and design the full product range, focused on communicating brand values and user experience: product, materials, finishings, textures and manufacturing technologies to deliver a high quality product.

We also were in charge of finding manufacturers, leveraging in our network of vendors, both in Europe and China. Through several prototyping iterations, we validated the product before starting mass production.

See RHT Cold branding for more info.