Service design

creating an end to end parachuting experience

Defining new opportunities through putting the user in the center of the whole business model

Drop has collaborated with Skydive BCB in the identification of new business opportunities, redefinition of the strategic positioning and service design and in the creation of the Skydive BCN Experience putting the user in the center of the business model.

Thanks to co-creation workshops with the company’s team, ethnographic research and trend analysis among other methodologies, we conceptualized the whole experience to later design each touchpoint in a unique manner.

As a result we achieved to maximize the differentiation with the competitors and to bring the service closer to the target. This was done thanks to a communication and design language centered in the non-expert user, which represents the greatest percentage of the business.

Upselling and new revenue streams through a unique and integrated customer experience: before, during and after jump.

From the purchase decision, the pre-jump and post-jump, to the experience memories (before-during-after), we worked with the objective of increasing the conversion rate, foster the upselling, increase customer loyalty and prescription.

Drop defined and designed the website, the product offer of jumps, and also a new product range of accessories and merchandising that responds to the opportunity of new revenue streams creation, maximizing the benefit of each visitor to the Saltamos Store.